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  1. Bredouille Showcase I

    2016, 6x4x2.5m

    Mixed Media Installation
    Sandberg Instituut Graduation Burgerweeshuis

    Bredouille is an ongoing artistic project operating as a fictional luxury brand. Bredrouille is the French word for “empty handed”. The project deals with the relationship we have with objects and their role as status symbol and items of worship in our modern society. How do objects become valuable, and what methods can be used to achieve this value transformation?

  2. Catalog No.1

    2016, 16.5x24 cm

    Hardcover book with gold lettering on spine and front, two inlays front and back and casing.

    The premier catalog from fictional luxury brand Bredouille, guides its viewer's eye to envision a whole new level of luxury. Although no real products are displayed in the catalog, it invokes an suggestion of potential products. It does so by a consecutive stream of images which have been carefully selected and arranged. There are 531 found black and white images divided into eight chapters. These range from topics like gardening and architecture to bathrooms and bodybuilding. For the best experience it's recommended that the viewer browses through the catalog from beginning to end.

  3. Bredouille Toroboro

    2016 15cm

    Honduran long filler tobacco
    Sandberg Instituut Graduation Burgerweeshuis

    The Torobo is Bredouille's first awe-inspiring product: the world's first circular cigar. Inspired by the Ouroboros, the mythological snake which devours its own tail, this cigar symbolizes a state of being before duality. It's unique shape, made by the best Honduran long filler tobacco leaves, provides perpetual pleasure and delight without the necessity to choose.