Gemaakt met

  1. Performed during the I (love) CAMP exhibition organised by Showroom MAMA, Rotterdam.
    Cassette tape, cassette player.
    circa 1.5 hours, 2016

    The storytelling tour took place in the Rotterdam neighborhood called De Lombardijen, located on the outskirts of Rotterdam. While walking through the neighborhood, parts of a fictional audio diary from the year 2150 were being played on an old cassette player. The diary , recorded  to a man called Sander, chronicles the current situation of the neighborhood, which,by then has been converted into a human habitat for the elderly. He also talks about his love for everything old, the current state of the EU (which morphed into the NEU* in 2050), and the dog gangs roaming the streets of the Lombardo Biotoop.

    *New European Union


    Click here for more information and to listen to the audiobook. (Dutch only).