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  1. Dennis Muñoz Espadiña
    Born 13-08-1990, Würselen (Germany)
    Currently lives and works in Rotterdam, The Netherlands


    -2014-2016 Sandberg Institute System-D Academy, MA Fine Arts, Amsterdam.
    -2010-2014 Academy of Fine Arts & Design, BA Fine Arts, Maastricht.

    Awards & Grants:
    -2018-2019 Stipendium for Emerging Artists, Mondriaan Fund.

    -Letters from the South, The Wrong Biennale, curated by Sara Bachour, Emile Hermans, Joep Hinssen and Alicja Melzacka. 2020
    -Prospects and Concepts, Van Nelle Fabriek Rotterdam, curated by Johan Gustavsson. 2020
    -Other Ways of Watching, NeverLand Cinema with MAMA Rotterdam. 2020
    -Algorithmen der Liebe, PTTH Luzern. As part of Love Letter to an Artwork curated by Eline Kersten and Joris Burla. 2020
    -Time takes Time, A-Dash space Athens, organized by Eva Isleifs, Noemi Niedrhauser and Andreas Brunner. 2019
    -Flower chair, AGA LAB Prints 60 Years, AGA LAB Amsterdam. 2018
    -Humanity & Me, Apartment Series #2 A Love Affair Zürich. Curated by Eline Kersten and Joris Burla. 2017
    -House of Fortune, Slow Accident Nieuw Dakota Amsterdam. Curated by Paul Devens. 2017
    -Bredouille Showcase No.1 , Sandberg Graduation Show Amsterdam. Curated by Bart Witte, Melle Smets, Cynthia Hathaway. 2016
    -De Gentrifiers with Boo van der Vlist, Qunst Art Space Amsterdam. Curated by Sjoerd ter Borg. 2015
    -Kunsttour Maastricht , Big Boys artist space Maastricht. 2015
    -Beating Around The Bush 4, Bonnefantenmuseum Maastricht, curated by Stijn Huijts. 2014
    -In the end nothing matters, but until then some things do, Graduation Show Academy of Fine Arts Maastricht. Curated by Antoine Berghs and Karin Peulen. 2014

    Performances & presentations
    -Work presentation at the Instito Buena Bista, IBB Curacao. 2018
    -Guest at round table discussion moderated by Maze de Boer, AGALAB Amsterdam. 2018
    -Public talk Conversas #114, Publication Studio Rotterdam. 2018
    -Wishy Washy Performance Event, Wash-O-Matic Amsterdam. Organised by Dennis Muñoz Espadiña, with performance from Theofanis Dalezios. 2016
    -Line and Labyrinth performed at Breaking For Knowledge, The Bookstore Project Amsterdam. 2016
    -Performance Rainarai with Theofanis Dalezios, Cabaret der Künstler MANIFESTA 11 Zürich. 2016
    -Lombardom tour I<3CAMP, Showroom MAMA Rotterdam. 2016
    -Storytelling Tour, Futurosity Summit Rotterdam. 2016
    -You, Me and Billy performance, Museumnacht Maastricht at B32 Art space. 2016
    -On-zine & On-zine storytelling performance, Showroom MAMA Rotterdam. 2015
    -Sandberg Sermon, audiovisual performance, Sandberg Institute opening academic year. 2015
    -Thee & Zine, performance, Spui Amsterdam. 2015
    -Ursonate for preschoolers, performance Bijlmer Amsterdam. 2015
    -Patrijzen Plafond book launch, Big Boys art space Maastricht. 2015
    -Gathering of Smoke performance, Workcentre 232 Gerrit Rietveld Academie Amsterdam. 2015
    -The Secret Archives, presentation of research with Janneke Absil and Karolien Buurman, Utrecht University, together with the System-D Academy. 2014
    -Alienated Republic of Leidseplein, performance manifestation on the Leidseplein Amsterdam, together with the System-D Academy. 2014
    -Wishy Washy public performance, presentation and screening at Téreltérítés art space Budapest Hungary, together with the System-D Academy. 2014
    -Radio Wavings, Sound Performance with Joep Hinssen, Bureau Europa Maastricht. Curated by Paul Devens. 2014

    As Hocus Bogus Publishing
    -The Other bookfair, Greyspace in the middle The Hague. 2019
    -Zinecamp, WORM Rotterdam. 2019
    -Athens art bookfair with TimeTakesTime. 2019
    -Zine happening V, Ghent Art bookfair. 2019
    -Fairshare, Hasselt. 2019
    -Missread Art book fair, Berlin. 2019
    -Mike Theissen magazine launch lounge, Maastricht 2019
    -Zine Presentation Hocus Bogus Publishing at MAFAD, Maastricht. 2018
    -Spread Zine Fest, Groningen. 2018
    -D.I.Y but not Alone, Perdu bookstore Amsterdam. 2018
    -Zine Fest Bremen, Germany. 2018
    -Zine Camp, WORM Rotterdam. 2017
    -Spread Zine Fest, Groningen. 2016

    Publications, print & press
    -Cheesyphus, artist book. 2019
    -Collage for Parasitic Zine #4. 2019
    -Bad Vision, Zine. 2018
    -Stoel en Dans, artist book, 2018
    -Department of Search, Participant of System D Action Research and The Giant Cornfield Project. 2018
    -Start-up Slow Accident, exhibition catalog. 2017
    -Schachsprüng, artist publication. 2016
    -A Manual Vague, novella. 2016
    -Crosses, artist publication. 2016
    -You, Me and Billy, Poster. 2016
    -KwartZwart,Riso publication, published by ExtraPool Nijmegen. 2016
    -Catalog Bredouille, artist book, 2016
    -De Gentrifiers in the article “Antikraakkunst”, Tubelight #97. 2015
    -Process, zine. 2015
    -Patrijzen Plafond, poetry chapbook. 2015
    -“In the end nothing…”, exhibition catalogue. 2014

    -Filming and editing of music performance Opus Novum: Ten Songs of Change composed by Marion von Tilzer, grachtenfestival Amsterdam. 2019
    -Filming for Conscious Collective installation by artist Maarten Davidse, part of  Exploded View Rome/Amsterdam. 2019
    - Filming and editing of The Way of Salve by fashion designer Mona Steinhaeusser. Amsterdam 2017 www.thewayofsalve.com
    - “Groeten Uit...” podcast by artist Mike Moonen. Maastricht https://www.mixcloud.com/Marres/groeten-uit/. 2017
    - Futurologist Podcast by project space ShowroomMAMA, Rotterdam. 2016

    Residencies and Workshops
    -Time takes Time workshop, Athens Greece. 2019
    -System-D Paris workshop, Paris France. 2015
    -Department of Search, Utrecht Science Park. 2014
    -Fuzi workshop hosted by Téreltérítés together with artist Antal Lakner, Hungary Budapest. 2014